ABOUT: Growing out of their retro-soul beginnings, Chicago band The Jordan Years emerge with their first full-length.  Their ten song album, Homemade Hustler follows the story of a recent corporate castaway who decides to make ends meet on his own terms.  He finds love, money, uncertainty, stress, and eventually trouble, but in the end he knows he wouldn’t have it any other way.  The album is a focused statement from one of the city’s most exciting bands. Blending rock songwriting, soulful vocals, and detailed production, Homemade Hustler is the sound of The Jordan Years’ coming of age.

The quintet, Wes Restless (vocals), Michael Andersen (bass), Roger Panella (guitar), Lance Loiselle (keys), and Michael August (drums) combine a wealth of musical influences and experience to create their bold sound.  They frequently include brass and string sections in their arrangements for a classic touch.  Staying true to the DIY ethic of the new music business, The Jordan Years often record and produce their own music.  Without the clock running, the band has the freedom to experiment and make the records that they want to make.